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e.mail mystery

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e.mail mystery

I wonder if this is happening to anyone else - or is it just me?

I have broadband and my outlook express is open all day - but sometimes my e.mails goes through to the webmail site instead of outlook express. I did not realise this and messages sat in webmail for about 10 days - I have spoken to tech support and they gave me instructions on setting outlook express up to receive my webmail straight into outlook express - but that doesn't work either I still get mail being sent to webmail instead. Any ideas

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e.mail mystery

It sounds to me that you have set up at least one named mailbox and have outlook set to collect mail from it. ie waafa+boxname

If so then any other mail sent to anyothername@yourloginname> will not be collected by Outlook.
To collect all your mail by outlook just set it to log on as waafa with your normal password.