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dual switch of phone and broadband


dual switch of phone and broadband

i have just moved and got a combined move package from BT where they gave me a new phone number and also organised with PlusNet to change my broadband - but cant get connected and have found no way of speaking to someone at PlusNet to confirm if they are doing this! Having to connect through a 3g card to do this - anyone got any ideas of how to find out if PlusNet have got this change and are acting on it.

Much appreciated
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dual switch of phone and broadband

hmmm, a Simultaneous Provide Order are full of problems usually all BTs faults!

I am very suprised that BT didn't tell you to contact Plusnet with the bt order code (sounds like fault number 1!)

if you have an account with then sign into it at and there should be a "BB/PSTN SIM PROVIDE" in there, also check your tickets with PN at and see if theres a ticket detailing the move, if not it sounds like BT didn't tell PN about the move.

you can find out more about SPO at