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downgrade account


downgrade account

hello to everyone,i need to downgrade from premier option 1 to
broadband plus,this would be more fitting with the way i use
the internet thesedays.i intend to spend far less time on the
net,and only need a connection for email,and certain webpages
for my hobbies, photography and vintage m/cycles.i have a debit
card only,no credit any suggestions would be welcome.
many thanks and regards trevor
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downgrade account

Simply just click on UPGRADE then click on CHANGE MY BROADBAND Wink

downgrade account

Hi there,

As dennisb66 says, click the Upgrade link at the top of the page and take it from there.

It might be worth noting that a fee of £14.99 can be applied where an account change involves a reduction in monthly payment.

post subject

hello mark, sorry for this but the downgrade fee can only be
paid with a credit card. i only have a debit switch card plus
the downgrade cannot be paid for by direct unless
i am missing something it looks like back to square one.
and of course the telephone unhelpful line is of no use if no downgrade it looks like cheaper pastures
new thank you trevor
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downgrade account

As long as you authorise the one off payment on your switch card, there should be no problems in doing so this way.

We just can't take continual payments from Switch.
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downgrade account

Providing that you have no outstanding deferred activation charges.

Why don’t you try asking PlusNet to downgrade your account for free, as their systems are not capable of taking a payment from your card. Indicating to them that the alternative is that you would like your MAC code.

I know that they have waivered these charges in the past, in order to keep customers.

Having a look at the alternative providers this morning, and there are plenty of other suppliers, offering competitive products at that end of the market.