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down all morning!


down all morning!

Hello i have been trying to get online all morning with no joy, i finally get on at 14:15. it is so slow to load up pages so i do a little speed test

608.9 kbps YOU

2 meg line.


i move to 8 meg ukonline very soon cant come soon enough. plus net if you are going to continue trading then i would consider getting a bigger line.
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down all morning!

Have you done a BT speed test?

down all morning!

I have done in the past but not today, i got 1900. excellent, plus net have gotten steadily worse im affraid. i think the start of the downfall was the free 2 mb ugrades. they had everything going for them untill the upgrades, i lose sync regular since cant connect at peak times and we pay over the odds for a 2meg line!

i packed it in last week for ukonline, i hope they can provide the "always on" service that +net cant seem to get right.

In any other business plus net would have been sued now but it seems to be ok for isps to rip us off left right and center.
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down all morning!

If you are loosign sync regularly then please have a look at If that doesn't help, raise a fault to us either by calling us or raising a ticket.

Also, the biggest cause of speed problems at the moment is capacity problems at the exchange. By doing some BT speedtests at different times of the day we can work out if this is the case or if there is a fault on the line.