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domain renewal....


domain renewal....

To a plusnet customer services member...
I've just updated my card details after a failed domain renewal due to their being no card details. I now can't find a means to let you know I've updated this in the new ticket system as it seems to be a rigid information only system - unless i'm missing something, so can you please retry my domain renewal. thanks!
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domain renewal....

I'm not a PlusNet employee but I may be able to help Smiley

I must admit, that at first sight, the new help system does appear to be an information-only system but you can still raise a ticket, if you know how:

Technical Support -> Domains -> Hosting Domains
Wait until the new window has fully loaded and then close the window. As if by magic, you should now see "Alternatively, ask your question to the Support Team". Click on the link and ask your question in the box provided.

Hope this helps .....
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domain renewal....

Hi there,

I've just raised this internally, and someone should be along to address your issue.

Can you add the ticket number in to this thread, as it would be rather helpful Smiley
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domain renewal....


I've sent a Question on to our finance team to arrange for the domain to be renewed for you.