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domain change understanding?

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Registered: 01-08-2007

domain change understanding?

Hi,does domain change mean,email address change,purely and simply or what.?Im sorry,just an ignorant yorkshireman,who cant figure out what it means exactly and certainly doesnt know how to get it changed,If i could and it would help,i would probably be changing my email address as i speak.When i signed up with +net i didnt expect to have to be an internet guru,like some of you guys and gals out there.
kind regards ray.
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domain change understanding?

Hi there,

A domain will give you as many email addresses as you need, and can also be used to host a website.

You can take up the offer of a free new domain by clicking the alert in the member centre and filling in the registration page.

Once this is registered (takes a few hours) you can start using the domain for email and/or a website.

You don't need to be an expert, there are plenty of people here on the forum who are happy to help, and we're a friendly bunch. Smiley