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direct debit payment option


direct debit payment option

Just out of asking as it cheaper to take DD payments than it is credit card payment will we see even more money off if opted to pay like this?

just wondred as other big firms do this. and it must be better fo you as well aint it? hence us it as an incentive to move ppl.

just wondered.




RE: direct debit payment option

On the other side of the coin, it is more manual processing for DD on our side, so any monies we in theory save, will be spent on processing the DD's onto our payment system.

Our accounts are already pretty much low cost and very competitive in the marketplace. When new ways come to deliver more and at a cheaper price, we will of course review our accounts.

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RE: direct debit payment option

But wait, PlusNet ARE going to launch a DD scheme. The message is in the service status pages, why not place it in the forums!?