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deleting multiple emails in one go


deleting multiple emails in one go

In POP3 email beta (did not try IMAP):

1. Clicking the small red cross invites you to delete all trash. Clicking OK leads to the beta trial feedback prompt.

2. Marking multiple emails and then the big red cross invites a meaningful "do you want to do this?" message but then goes to a screen promting feedback.....
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deleting multiple emails in one go

First, can you please read Webmail: How to provide feedback - Please read before posting which explains how to format thread titles for feedback and bug reports.

In addition can you supply the following information to help the developers understand and reproduce your problem:

Webmail interface being used? (also have you tried the others)

Your browser and it's version?

The version of Windows (or other OS) you are using?
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multiple delete in Trash or Inbox

I wish to add to this thread my own experience. Firstly:

    Using POP3

    I accessed the Webmail interface via a splash window that invited me to do so.

    My Browser is SlimBrowser version 3.99 build 003 inside Internet Explorer 6.

    My version of Windows XP Pro 2002 has Service Pack 1

I was linked to the Beta Feedback after clicking Tools, Delete Trash in the drop down menu.

The reason I did this in the first place was because I had attempted to delete items in the Inbox by selecting the tick boxes alongside them, then clicking on the red cross at the top of the window. A very unhelpful message comes up saying - that I must open the email before deleting. This is a nonsense because I dio not wish to send a message to the sender that I have opened their mail and thus confirm my address if it is clearly junk mail.

It was then that I wondered if I could do this another way and stumbled upon the above.

Looks like it will be a good improvement over all.