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deferred payment question

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deferred payment question

how do i calculate how much i owe, £47 for activation £20 modem is that the cost from the start of my contract or what i owe after 18months

deferred payment question

From the PlusNet sign up page:

Want the detail? 'You stay we pay' explained.

For every year you stay with PlusNet we'll guarantee that the cancellation cost decreases. What does this mean? If you cancel within the first year, then you will pay £47 for the activation. For every year you stay we'll reduce this by £9.40. If you also choose to take a modem as part of the offer there will be an additional cancellation fee of £25 in the first year and this will reduce by £5 for each year that you stay.
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deferred payment question

Bear in mind, that if you signed up 18 months ago, the activation charge would have been £58.75. This is what BT were charging at the time, and until 1st September 2005 when they lowered it to £47.00. Which we then lowered to.

£58.75 reduced by 20% happens to be £47.00, which is the same price of a new activation now.

The modem has always been £25.00 reduced by 20% year on year.

Does this help?