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customer service - not


customer service - not

The web site is rubbish when it comes to finding out how to send a ticket and it's easier to knit a jumper out of fog that use the phone helpline.
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customer service - not

You can raise a question to our support team directly here

Alternatively you can see the current call wait time here so that you can plan the best time to call.

Let me know what the problem is and i'll see if I can help on here Cheesy

customer service - not

The question was why were faxes not getting to my e-mail inbox.
The answer seems to be that you changed my fax number without telling me.

Fat lot of good that is.

I needed help to find how to raise a ticket on the help pages.
The site is so hard to use unless you know that you have to go to one page and then back to the last for the link to show.
Poor design.
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customer service - not


Agreed, it is a fair bit clicking through until a question can be send to PlusNet Support.

But, PlusNet is the highest rated in Customer Support of all ISPs (once I came accross a sad one, who didn't want to divulge why I could not delete something. This was very frustrating, why didn't he choose another job?).

One possible entry page is: and to click on the most close description of the problem. At some point a new window opens where several possible solutions are suggested. If there is no relevant answer, then just close the newly opened window and there is then a link to "Alternatively, ask your question to the Support Team".

Hope this helps. We shall overcome!

customer service - not

Hi there,

I have moved this topic to Community Support as it is after all a little more of a support issue.