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creating mail box help.


creating mail box help.

usernamer@mailbox works to lol i done that and it worked. maybe i just tried loggin in to fast(straight after i created it).

its fine now just my mistake didnt no how to create it and didnt no it took 10mins are so to work.

creating mail box help.


Probably wrong place to post. But i have tried setting up another mail box for my account but can't log in to it via web mail.

new account is called admin.

E-mail address is

to login to webmail i would use this(maybe i wrong)




Other account works the normal default one that plus net setup. just the 1 i create won't work.

can't log in lol help please

creating mail box help.

Sorry my mistake for following plus net on Help index lol

example to login "thesmithfamily+john". Enter the password that you selected when you set up the Mailbox and you should be able to read and send emails using your specific mailbox address.

were the plus sign equals and @ sign maybe they should change that.

as no were showed me to use an @ sign maybe it just me being stupid?!? lol
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creating mail box help.

Its the first of the two. - username+mailbox

Dont forget they are case sensative too (as is the password). Im also unsure how long it takes to fully create, although I was under the impression it was less than 10 mins. You didnt create a redirect instead of a mailbox did you?