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connection or speed problems in the morning....


connection or speed problems in the morning....

my connection takes 5 secs+ to load web pages in the morning (7.45ish) most times it seems. i've been 'monitoring' it over the last week or so.

is this 30:1 contention not as good as it sounds on PlusPG.

e.g.. overload a 30:1 pipe instead of only a few on a 50:1 and you get a more degraded performance at busy times. my 50:1 512 service was great b4 i upgraded.

is that about right?

i must admit that when the stuff does come down the wire it is a lot quicker.

and guess's nearly christmas!!!!


NOTE: the government raped the public and private pension funds and now my retirement public pension (my only savings) is under threat; after the government told everyone to pay in to one. Then they protected theirs from affect after giving themselves a 40% increase.
Just spreading the word!
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connection or speed problems in the morning....

CAn't do a lot about the webpages - mine is not amazingly quick to come up first thing, so I assumed it was the cold weather slowing it down. :lol:

You're dead right about the pension situation though. Brown single handedly destroyed the country's pension schemes and made it so that no company in its right mind would stick with a final salary scheme.
And then they have the nerve to start preaching that we should do something about it and telling us to work longer.
But it's OK cos if you p*** everything you've got up against the wall, you can have all the means tested benefits you want.
And nobody seems to notice this or think there's anything wrong with it.
I was beginning to think it was just me.
You should post more on here.