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closing tickets in error


closing tickets in error

I have had a ticket outstanding for over 2 months and today I was surprised when it had be closed. 4 BT engineer visits and countless info just closed.

After waiting on the phone for an hour the csc agent was unapologetic and said it had been closed in error. I asked him to reinstate and he could not. He put a reference to it.

I asked how they would have picked up this error if I had not have called, what quality assurance have they got in place - Reply: Nothing.

So they can close tickets without and all the quality checking is down to the customer.

The cost 5p per minute at 60 minutes for them to tell me they had made a mistake - It beggars belief

Anyone from PN care to comment (MAND for example) Huh

closing tickets in error

Had a call from Mand who was polite and well informed.

Restores your faith that PN do still have some good people around who understand customer service.