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clarification on speed upgrades


clarification on speed upgrades

Hi, just received the email about speed upgrades as of april, now this is all very well but can a member of staff clarify what the usage limits will now be?

im on 2mbit broadband premier and im limited to 100gb a month/ 30gb peak, now will the limits be increased to the current 8mbit limits, 200gb a month/60gb peak when my connection is upgraded? That would be the fair thing to do anyway if increasing the speed. if the limit isn't increased people will just reach it quicker, and have their service managed.

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clarification on speed upgrades

I'm not completely sure but I believe if, from April, you get 8Mbs but continue to pay £21.99 for it, you will get the same allowances as you do now for your upto 2Mbs connection.

So the amount you pay determins your allowance, rather than the actual line speed. If you want a higher allowance, you pay £29.99 or £39.99 corresponding to the current upto 4Mbs and upto 8Mbs products.
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clarification on speed upgrades


The usage amounts are tied to the price points and not the speed. So when the £21.99 account becomes up to 8Mbps the usage will remain the same. If the costs involved decrease so that usage costs less then we would be in a position to increase the usage.

For most people the speed increase, like with the increase from 512kbps to 2Mbps last year, won't mean that they use any more, just that they will do the same things in less time.