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cheers plusnet


cheers plusnet

Cheers for removing my website without a warning! :x

I know I have gone over on my bandwidth but how about a warning for the first time?? You know ,maybe a nudge saying that you are over the limit please keep an eye on things.... but no...... they just remove my website

thanks for nothing


how much bandwidth do we get on the 2meg premier account?? The site says thisHuh

Residential Daily Allowance
Pay As You Go (dial-up) 100MB
Lite (dial-up) 250MB
Anytime Dial-up 250MB
ADSL Home Surf 250MB
Broadband Plus 100MB
Teleworker 250MB

All I know is that I was 89mb over and thats it. No site! Cant get into the webstats to see whyHuh

Aint never gonna win any customer satisfaction awards are you?? :roll:


cheers plusnet

copford sorry to hear about you poor service with +net

I personaly would NEVER use my isp as my web host i own my own server Tongue

there is one CS award that +net would win

ISP with the WORST customer service award goes to *opens envelope* +net with bulldog closely following in second.

ps) come see me if you want some proper hosting for your web site
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cheers plusnet

According to the AUP and FAQs this only happens after you have repeatedly gone over your limits and you are emailed about it, if your sure its the 1st time toat you've gone over the limits then I'd say its an error or human fault.

I'd maybe suggest using a paid hosting account such as

6. My website has disappeared, has it been deleted?

First, check to see if there is a problem with the webspace service - a fault on the service may make your site temporarily unavailable. Check Service Status for Webspace

If an account is cancelled, then the files on its webspace are deleted.
Pay As You Go dial-up accounts are cancelled if unused for more than 90 consecuitve days. This policy doesn't affect free accounts that host a domain or extra paid-for services such as Virus Protection.

If the files on your website have breached our acceptable use policy, or if your site has repeatedly exceeded its Daily Allowance, then your site may be removed. Note that we would contact you by email to inform you of such changes. See the next quest question about what to do if your site is removed.

7. My site has been removed, what do I do to get it back?

You will need to confirm that you understand why your website has been removed, and agree to take action to stop this happening in future. You can do this by completing the form below and copying it into a new Contact Us query. Please replace all information within '(brackets)' with appropriate information.

I, (ENTER YOUR NAME HERE), confirm that I understand why my site had access removed. I would like to request that my site is reactivated as soon as possible. I propose to prevent this action reoccurring by (ACTIONS TO TAKE).
I also understand that if this problem persists, then PlusNet may restrict my site further, and if necessary, remove the site permanently. Once this request has been processed, your webspace will be reactivated. You can monitor the progress of your request by checking Contact Us at regular intervals.



cheers plusnet

I only checked for the email when my site was gone.

This is the FIRST email I have got (at 4.45am this morning) and my site was gone when I checked at 10.30ish

I have opened a ticket but I find it hard to believe they think this kind of service is ok :lol:

cheers plusnet

you better believe it as they do :lol:
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cheers plusnet

I can host your site for free!
Don't wporry about space or bandwidth, just let me know how much you think you need!
Even come's with Cpanel!
The server has multiple connections and peers (Wired and wireless), totalling over 2 - 4 GBit

Email me for more!

cheers plusnet

thanks for your offers guys but I think I found out what went wrong

I'm in to photography and I post my images in forums and I think someone dug up an old thread and this may, may of put me over . Like i said I cant get to the webstats now!!

How much bandwidth do we get anyway??

The site aint clear for premier


cheers plusnet

250MB of traffic for your website...
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cheers plusnet

For Premier accounts you get 250mb of website bandwidth per day.

If you haven't done it already, then you can raise a ticket via link:contact us to have the site restored.

cheers plusnet

thanks Jon and solstans Smiley

I have already done this. the website says nothing on the premier daily limits... see above post

cheers plusnet


I seriously would consider moving to a real host

Myself and lank111 are willing to host you for free.


cheers plusnet

there are also plenty of webhosting companies out there that provide a basic service for £24 per year.

cheers plusnet

unisoftdesign altho i am not knocking your offer as i would normaly charge £5 a month for hosting but why pay £24 a year when you have someone offering EXACTLY the same for free? and with my company you WILL get a dedicated account manager with a direct dial phone number that you can ring at any time of the day.

I think this is a bargin for £5 a month Cheesy and im offering this to the op for free


edit: added more info
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cheers plusnet

Are we allowed to advertise on here now?
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cheers plusnet

Errrr... I'm not a webhost and paying £24/year makes sure the website is run by people who run websites for a living, not some ISP.

Likewise, my webhost does not control my domain registration, because that's what a domain registrar is for...

Divide and conquer :-)