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change direct debit

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change direct debit

Does anyone know which is the best way to do this?

It seems to say in the payment section that if you change the details it will cancel the old dd when the new one is accepted but then it says you have to cancel the current one frist to avoid being charged twice?!?!

I can't make sense of it, basically I want to change it over to my other halfs bank account, does anyone know how I should proceed?
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change direct debit

I've done this recently, I raised a ticket about it and was told to just update the details in the portal - which I did. I did mine just after it was billed from the old account and I think it took 5 or so days for the new details to become shown as 'active'. It then came out of the new account.

I haven't had a problem with the old account. I guess the DD will remain open unless you cancel it with your bank (don't know if PlusNet do this). I suppose once you know it is coming out of the new account, you can ask the bank to cancel the old DD.