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ccgi email problem


ccgi email problem

This is a very odd problem. Support don't seem to be able to understand it.

The ccgi server is not correctly sending emails to addresses on a particular domain. All other addresses are ok.

The domain in question used to be hosted with f9 many years ago when I had a dialup account with a different username to my broadband account that I know have.

I have looked into this and the only possible thing I can think of is that the cgi server gets its DNS lookups from the (or other internal DNS servers) where as the other people on f9 and the rest of the internet get the lookups from the place where the domain is actually hosted.

I found this by doing


<the domain name>
I get the correct IP address of the hosting server (non f9)

server (this sets nslookup to get the DNS records from
<the domain name>
Now I get a entirely different IP address (a f9 address)

I do the same with
set type=MX

to get the MX servers for the domain and the same thing happens the actually has a force9 entry for this domain when it should not.

I am assuming therefore that the email sending daemon attached to the server does its lookups from an internal f9 DNS server and gets the MX records pointing to f9, whereas infact the MX records should point to where the domain is really hosted. The effect of this is the email going into a black hole.

This may not be the problem. But the support people don't seem to be able to get the incorrect entry removed from the servers.

Can anyone else confirm or deny that this could be the cause of the email problem I am experiencing?

Any other ideas as to why emails to this particular domain dont get through from the cgi server?

ccgi email problem

I have further confirmed the problem


Login as usual

mail <someplace>

The email gets through no problem

mail <the domain that isn't working>

The email never gets anywhere.

Perhaps the DNS entry is not the problem? Perhaps a mail server somewhere in the path still thinks the domain belongs to my old f9 login and so never checks the MX DNS records anyway?
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ccgi email problem

I have now escalated your ticket to our Networks team as there are still records for your domain on


Many thanks this has now been fixed.

Emails are now getting through from the ccgi server to this domain fine so it looks like that this probably was the cause.