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cancelling plusnet broadband


cancelling plusnet broadband

Hi All

Great news! - we're leaving <g>
Last day in the UK will be 12th September.

Despite the quality of plus's service (as in email, portal, maxadsl etc etc) I'm sure that their accounting systems will be totally efficient...

How / when do I cancel my monthly subscription so that I can be using my BB connection up to the 12th Sep ??

I think the new people coming in are going to use a different ISP - any implications for them (as in LLU / Tiscali vs BT line ??)


cancelling plusnet broadband

Use the option in your account management.

However, according to the customer support staff, you need to give 30 days notice and this applies from your next billing date, not the date you request to leave?!

cancelling plusnet broadband

Although you are obliged to pay a 30day notice period, your account can be terminated earlier once the 30days have been paid.
If you ask a question, requesting that your line be ceased, (There is a specific option for it - this will make sure it reaches the right dept. in the most efficient way.)and your account terminated on the 12th, PN will go ahead and do it.
(in theory - current CS delays may bork the timescale up - but there ain't a great deal you can do to speed it up sadly)

Once the cease has taken place (assuming it happens on the 12th) ther is usually a small delay for the BTW system to update to reflect this, (often a couple of days) once the system has been updated, the incoming occupant can arrange to be connected to any service they desire

Oh, keep your eye out for ticket responses via the help portal too, since the mailservers might not get the message to you too quick at the mo. PN will usually reply telling you the final fee, and ask for authorisation for a card payment to be taken to cover it.