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can't send email from Netscape


can't send email from Netscape

Using Mac OS9 and Netscape 7.0 -

I've set up different mailboxes for different computers on the network. Incoming mail works fine. But when I try to send mail from Netscape, the software behaves as though the email is sent (i.e. doesn't chuck up an error message); but no email actually goes through.

Outlook Express seems OK for outgoing and incoming mail; server settings are the same for both.

This is really annoying. Any suggestions?
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can't send email from Netscape

What outgoing SMTP server are you using in netscape.

Have you set it up so it needs authorisation before email is sent? If so this should be removed as SMTP authorisation is not required.
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can't send email from Netscape


Have you tried to send an email to yourself via Netscape? It could be a problem with the address you are sending to.

can't send email from Netscape

OK, I think I've just cracked it.

There's no option 'use authorisation', or I would have worked it out quicker, but there is one 'use name and password'.

It didn't immediately occur to me that that was the same thing.

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