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can't connect [not jolly]


can't connect [not jolly]

Could anyone from support here possibly tell me if my account has been activated? the lines has been activated 5 days,got my modem this morning,but i get error message 651. Iv'e reported the problem & been told been to ring. been trying for 20mins,just thought it might be faster here!! [anyway off for dinner now] cheers ... mrjolly ....'problem id5544113'

RE: can't connect [not jolly]


Your account has been active since the 24/10/02 and there is nothing to suggest that there should be a connection problem.

However, I think the best thing to do would be to give us a call on: 0845 1400 200 and we can check your config and also ensure that the cabling of your modem is also correct for the DSL circuit to work within your home.

If indeed we do locate a problem we will ensure that it gets escalated to the right people.

Best Regards,

Dave Watson.

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