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bye all.


bye all.

Just like to thank the various support people for the work that they've done over the time I've been at plusnet.

I think that a lot of the complaints are a bit unwarranted, things like line quality are outside +nets control and many people dont bother to read up and check things themselves rather than just complaining about +net responses when it is often outside pn control.

And as for Spam? Spam happens everywhere. Despite having had 4 domains all forwarding theri email to my +net account I only get very few, dont publish your address and you dont get much.

I know there are the help systems but I still think a couple of stickies on llu and max might offset some of the noise.

Anyway - Im off, just mac'ed out.
I've opened a question just to confirm that I've gone so the account can be closed.


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bye all.

Bye Mark.

Best wishes and all. Wink