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borandband plus account download limit per month?


borandband plus account download limit per month?

hi i have a plusnet broadband plus acccount, i have been looking at your sustainable usage policy and notice that the 100GB limit per month is for, as quoted from your webpage in bold:-

Which products does the policy apply to?

The policy applies to these residential broadband products:

* Broadband Premier, up to 2Mb, 4Mb and 8Mb
* ADSL Home
* Broadband Home
* Broadband EasyStart

does this mean that the broadband plus accounts do NOT fall under the SUP?, if they dont, does this mean in theory that the plus accounts do NOT have a limit on the amount they can dowload a month?

i understand that my plus account is restrictive for such traffic as p2p, usenet, etc and thus the amount i can download is restricted, is this the reason for the plus accounts not requiring the SUP?.

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borandband plus account download limit per month?

As you will see on a number of threads here, the SUP does not apply to BB Plus.
The reasoning is that Pn themselves manage the connection quite firmly so you shouldn't be able to use it to too much.

However, you are still subject to the Acceptable Use Policy, which means that if you use your connection so much that Pn believe you are in danger of impacting other users, then you will get a warning email.

So there is no fixed limit, but Plusnet can, at their discretion, decide you are using it too much and tell you so. There are a couple of reported instances of people on BB Plus receiving emails telling them to ease off.

It's not as clear or, in my mind, as sensible as simply giving a figure like the SUP one, but that's the way Pn choose to do it.