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been stuck on 500 for a week...


been stuck on 500 for a week...

my stable rate was always 4000 since maxed..... now stuck with 500 for last week even though syncing at :-
Downstream Upstream
Data Rate 4608 kbps 448 kbps

can someone at plus please.. correct this its way over the 3 days .......

been stuck on 500 for a week...

I take it you have been disconnecting your modem every day or so to "prove" to the exchange that you rate is stable at 4meg? That's what seems to trip it into action.
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been stuck on 500 for a week...

How long have you been Max'd, for me there seems to be a cycle 10-11 days okay 1.5-2Mb then 3-7 days 1/2Mb (or much worse) - that is with router/modem reboots by the way.

Then back to 1.5-2Mb for another 10-11 days, I am on the 4th cycle now.

been stuck on 500 for a week...

Depending on whether you have had any periods of slow net access lately depends on whats happening I thnk. I think that the BRAS servers can be a little slow at times to release the updated reports for your line and so you see a prolonged period of low stable rate.

As suggested above try rebooting your router just once for 3 days and if syncing above 4500 everytime or even 4000 you should then have this basically give the bras servers a good kick to get them going.

In the mean time it would hurt to raise a ticket or simply PM Mand and asking to see if any reports have been passed over to them regarding your line.

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been stuck on 500 for a week...

Do you have any tickets open which involve BT - as they change it to 500 whilst investigating a fault - or so I am led to believe.

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Posted: 24 Jul 2006 06:50 pm Post subject:

Unfortunately i'm getting spun round in circles by both bt and plusnet. There is a thread worth reading somewhere where this fella found out that bt had set his internet connection back to 500kbps as it was logged that a fault had been raised on the line and they carry this out as a pre-cautionary measure until they get round to sorting it properly.
Ah found it.

Worth resing if you're in the same situation. however getting someone from bt to come out is another matter entirely. If, like me, you have stopped paying line rental to bt this may be absolutely impossible. I've wrote some pretty nasty emails to folk at PN CS demanding quarter bills for wuarter the service i had or i will be cancelling direct debit. (I'm going with another isp now anyway.)

Possibly the reason?
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been stuck on 500 for a week...

I had the same problem (BRAS was 6500, went on holiday, came back it was 1500).

Raised a ticket and it was upped to 3000, still some way from what it used to be.

been stuck on 500 for a week...

there is a ticket in for this ..been there 2 days now... i have resync each morning...for a while now... still the same today..500... sync today....over 4000

isnt this a silly situation when for the most part the connection is stable at higher rate then 1 bad one gives you this hassle....
why can plus leave it at the best stable rate unless we ask to drop it down a bit ..... as a single resync fixes the bad one...and we are where we are now.... it dont make sense to me.. but what do i know.....!

been stuck on 500 for a week...

BT's equipment decides on your stable speed and plus net update there systems with the info that comes back from BT.

The reason this is done is because BT don't want to allocate more bandwidth than you'll possibly use (If your router for example can only manage a stable 1meg, but rarely connects at an unstable 3mb, then the most economical solution is to allocate 1mb to the line).

Saying that though, since the BRAS is applied between the DSLAM and the network, I'm not why PN need to do it again at there end ? Unless of course PN become the network after the DSLAM, but I would have thought it would be DSLAM->BT->ISP unless LLU is used.
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been stuck on 500 for a week...

My stable rate has gone down to 1500 from 4500 because of the wet weather messing my phone line up and causing it to synch lower than usual a few times. It had even been as high as 5000 for a few days till the CHAP authentication problems last Thursday night kept causing the connection to drop. Bah!

Now it will be at least 3 days before I'm put back to a reasonable speed stable rate though the line is synching at well over 5000 again.

Meanwhile, I've (at last) got round to reporting to BT the crackling we always get on the line following rain. BT say they will be sending someone next Saturday to look at the telephone poles that bring the line to the house so maybe that will solve the problem.
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been stuck on 500 for a week...

a further reply to ticket on this problem.....

""Unbfortunatly, we have no method to correct this. The information that has published your speed as 500 is from BTs systems. Simply increasing this from our side will nto control how BTs systems operate, and may infact make your connectivity problems much worse.""

going back a month i had no problems... speed was ok email was ok (email as in another thread here)
was maxed few months ago..... now i have been at 15kb for over a week... because of a glitch that went unoticed.. for couple of hours... what you supposed to do monitor speed all time on computer or suffer like this... i am being throttled for a lot more than 3 days which is in itself bad enough ..plusnet must be loving it as i cant use my connection to the full.... their in no hurry to rectify the issue........

been stuck on 500 for a week...

still no update on ticket...still on 500 stable rate 15kb downloads.. still getting over 4000 sync... Evil

been stuck on 500 for a week...

are these people for real at plusnet..after 2 weeks i get the same stupid reply so they can go to the next question... what do you think i am doing plusnet.. lets have some action here not sat typing same comment over and over.....
just look at it...

Dear xxxx
Can you please try rebooting your broadband hardware 2/3 times per day to allow the systems at BT's end to assign a higher speed?
This may take a few days to achieve.

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been stuck on 500 for a week...

I think this is probably being caused by instability sync wise. Might be an idea to try putting interleaving on the line to stabilise it, which would cause the BRAS setting to pick up. (it's currently 160)
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been stuck on 500 for a week...

So, looking at the history of this thread, there seems to be a problem at the BT end of things.

Now, to give BT some benefit of the doubt. Do you have access to your router logs? May indicate some synch loss overnight that is corrected in the morning ... this would mean possibly when you check the router in the mornings ... you always *see* +4000kb/s but it has dropped overnight! Sad

So you have been disconnecting the router 2 or 3 times per day for the last 4 days?


been stuck on 500 for a week...

interleaving came on soon after being maxed due to testing here and was left on....
wiring internal was redone with new filter box at main socket (adsl nation) no problems after that sync stable.. we had a storm here while we were away and when i checked sync because of real bad was right down to below the 500.. i rebooted router and it came back to normal... did usual disconects expecting it to return back in 3 days it didnt...hence ticket and still waiting.....