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back to dial up SPEEDS in the evening?


back to dial up SPEEDS in the evening?

It seems that this forum is more likely to get a more helpful reply than by raising a speedfault which i have tried only to get told that my 71, 52 and 68kpbs speeds in the evening are :

The results of our tests show no fault with your broadband connection. Completed speed tests show that your connection speed is: none found

According to BT, this speed is within the limits of acceptable performance for broadband service.

these tests are from the bt speedtester and are the 3 tests as i was told to do. during the day is not an issue as i am well over 5000. i understand contention but i have read on this site that i still should be getting at least 2000kbps and i have been for the last 12 months since living here.

Unbelievably this morning my question (21889146) was just closed after i queried the above - someone just pasted a reply in saying that in the first 10 days of adsl max etc - i have been on Max for over a year so this is irrelevent.

i have rung in again and queried all this just to find the person i spoke to has started the Fault checker off again.

i have been with PN for 5 years ish now and have recommended over 60 people - i am hardly likely to continue doing that with this current service.
Plusnet Staff
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back to dial up SPEEDS in the evening?

Hi there,

Your speeds are not currently slow due to a fault, I would advise looking at this page and the usage allowances contained on there.
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 Chris Parr
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back to dial up SPEEDS in the evening?

I may be telling my granny how to suck eggs, but have you tried rebooting your router today?

My speed related fault magically fixed itself yesterday afternoon, as did another persons.

With my particular fault, I was apparently able to rule out the PN network as I am connected via the RIN, a network which bypasses Plusnet and goes staright into BT - well Im no expert but thats how I understand it in laymans terms.

My speeds were still awful, so it had to be a BT issue - and yestrday it magically fixed itself.

Try rebooting the router and see what happens. Im clinging to th hope for myself and others that there was some sort of fault deeper inside BT that was affecting us - unlikely, but possible?

back to dial up SPEEDS in the evening?

thanks to both of you - i have tried rebooting the router numerous times but ai appreciate your help.

re the above suggestion that my usage has caused the restriction - (i only got all my postmaster emails yesterday and found this out) i understand (from these emails ) the following :

Don't worry, you'll still get broadband speeds for most activities such as browsing, emails, and gaming.

is this not correct then ? my browsing speed last night made opening a web page almost intollerable let alone trying to watch the golf !