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athe must really want to get rid of us


athe must really want to get rid of us

could anyone in support explain why when i haven't asked for a MAC have i been given a MAC ... i have a call 22194195 that i ddin't even raise something to do with spam giving me my MAC i queried the team and made some complaints and mentioned i may move to sky .... or somewhere else as i thi9nk support is useless, fortuantely don';t need to call it often... never have i said can i have a MAC code but you seem insistent on giving me a MAC code..

so anyone in support want to look into this and explain to yuor boss's why some of them seem intent on getting rid of us... i would have thjought it wa the opposite..
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athe must really want to get rid of us

Hi there.

I am sorry for the confusion which has been caused here.

I have escalated the generation of the MAC with the analysts manager and have asked one of our senior analysts to look into your ongoing issues.

Once again, apologies for the confusion and hopefully we'll get this one resolved for you.