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asked for refund


asked for refund

am paying £40 a month for up to 8meg and still havent been regraded and according to the announcement

Here is how the ordering process has been managed:

- Initially, we placed orders for all of our customers who have been paying more for a 4 or 8Mb connection. This did not include PAYG customers. Many of these orders were completed last week.
- After the 4/8Mb customers orders had been sent, we began placing all customers billed on the 1st April into a queue, from which the longest serving customers (Based on total length of time an account is held with us) had orders placed on them, upto the amount of orders that BT would allow us to submit on that day.

so lets see is PN will give me some money back for a service they arent providing Cheesy
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asked for refund

More than likely you have been missed. Like i was.

I raised a ticket to complain then within a few hours i was sent a email from PN, "PlusNet are pleased to confirm that your broadband regrade to BT IPStream
Max is now complete"

Give it a go!
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asked for refund

Asking for a refund will just get you frustrated with the ‘non answers’ they will give. I have been down that road, BUT it was eventually picked up that my account had been missed and the regrade to Max just took a couple of days. If CSC are aware that accounts have been missed and if they have a procedure to deal with them then a simple ticket saying you must have been missed would be a start. Be prepared for stupid answers and don’t get annoyed.

I am now contemplating a formal complaint asking for the return of my premium as I was not given priority, but that’s another story.


asked for refund

i would raise a ticket but i cannot be bothered trying to fathom out exactly which one of the 30 multiple choice questions i have to click on to get to the correct person/robot delete as appropriate to get things sorted.

as from other posts on here wether be 2mb or 8mb the speeds are too different anyways haha