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anyone got BTs number?


anyone got BTs number?

I've tried 150 and went through all the options but I think all the internet options are regarding the BT/Yahoo ISP.

Basically, theres a fault on my line and I was told by Plusnet to call them.


anyone got BTs number?


anyone got BTs number?


i called the number. stupid thing....

"as you are not renting broadband from BT. you will need to call you service provider. goodbye"

wow ok. Plusnet told me to contact BT and now BT are telling me to contact Plusnet who need to contact "Wholesale".

I'm pretty sure Plusnet knew they had to contact Wholesale because apparantly theres noone I can call regarding my adsl. Only Plusnet can.
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anyone got BTs number?

I believe that BT Wholesale won't liaise with you directly - it is up to PlusNet to contact them.
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anyone got BTs number?

Yes, Your contract is with Plusnet who are the provider of your ADSL. They are responsible to deal with any faults that are just on the ADSL part of your line. i.e your phone still works.

You need to get back on to them and make sure they deal with it properly.

anyone got BTs number?

Thanks all

Much appreciated.

Ive upated my ticket. Now I gotta wait a few more days till they reply again. doh.
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anyone got BTs number?

Hi there,

The advice you were given is sort of correct. If it's a physical line fault, causing problems with the telephony side of your line, the responsibility is with BT Retail.

However, looking at the line, it may be an exchange related fault. Before I raise this with BT, can you possibly try removing the face plate from your master socket, and connect your mode/router into the test socket in the bottom half?

The symptoms I'm seeing on your line could indicate exchange issues, but could also be caused by internal wiring woes.

anyone got BTs number?


yeah, before i made this ticket, i consultated a friend who quite clued up and he told me to do the same and he did some other stuff brought some new cables for me but there wasnt any change...i rebooted my modem several times over a period of like 3 hours.

he told me to check the "exchange status" and it said everything was fine.

thanks for the quick reply.