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another email question

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Registered: 18-09-2007

another email question

I have recently moved my main mail account to gmail.
The trouble is that i cannot find an option within my PN webmail to automagicaly forward my mails to gmail - this would be real handy saving me from constantly looking up 2 accounts.

To tell you the truth i am using PS Webmail less and less - compare it to gmail and it is painfully slow even on a fat line. For the best part i just want to look at my inbox to see if there is a new mail.

Can anyine help me out - like how can i get my PN email shunted on to gmail?

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another email question

Plusnet webmail just gives you access to Plusnet mailboxes you have setup. It is not 'the' mail service in the sense that gmail is.

If you look on the left hand side under My Account you should have Email Settings.

Under this you can create an email forwarder to forward emails directed to your plusnet address to your gmail account.

Hope this helps.