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an example of how NOT to moderate....


an example of how NOT to moderate....

Having watshed the "nth" thread locked for asking a simple question about the usenet cap. I mused at the moderation (again) of such question. Apparently, the point of locking threads is to concentrate the person to the correct information about thier question.

Hi guys,

There is already a long running thread covering all the existing usenet issues.

It must be difficult for the Comms team to keep track of and respond to so many threads covering similar issues.

I know its time consuming from a modding point of view.

I would be grateful if posts such as this were added to the existing thread rather than starting a new topic. That way all the queries and issues are in the one place. People might even find that many of their questions have already been answered.

This is in no way trying to hide issues, just simply trying to tidy the boards and ficus attention.

As such, I am locking this one.

Please feel free to contribute to This thread

Lets start at the beginning. "time consuming from a modding point of view". Thats not the concern of the poster. They, and my self, are here to get some answers; not make your life eiseier. If you accept the role of moderater; then you need to be available to answer questions. Don't give me the arguement that your unpaid; no one held a gun to your head and told you to do it.

Moving on; so your moderating advice for this persons query is to goto a ongoing thread that has over 34 pages? His/her answers will be in there, somewhere. Way to help the punter! Anyone else see the fault here?

So, how was locking this thread a benefit to the poster?

you pointed them to over 34 pages of posts. That is NOT support, or anything near it.

an example of how NOT to moderate....

Just like there is an existing thread covering usenet issues, there is also one covering thread-locking, that you could have contributed this to, so I anticipate your thread may get locked (and think it should).

It's sensible practice not to have multiple threads on a forum, that cover the same broad subject, and are spread over many pages. The action taken- to close a thread and refer to an existing thread- is one that is common to other forums I use.

The main problem surrounding "thread -locking" is that people keep unnecessarily starting new threads. I think the explanation given was less blunt- rather polite infact.

an example of how NOT to moderate....

I agree with what golden peninsula said. Imagine you was a customer who used usenet, suddenly found the protocol only operated at a fraction of its previous speeds and came to the forums to see whats going on. How does it benefit them to have twenty virtually indistinguishable threads to trawl through? It also doesn't help the company receive feedback if its bitty and all over the place. Be fair.
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an example of how NOT to moderate....

normally I'd partly agree - but 34 pages is an awful lot to trawl through...and an awful lot of it is probably not related to the new question.

why not just link to the older thread(s) and allow both to exist - the most useful thread will continue.
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an example of how NOT to moderate....

This is what happened with one of the threads that was locked recently and the backlash this caused via PMs would suggest that most people would prefer it all in one big topic rather than starting a new one.

We're always open to constructive suggestions on how to change and improve the way we moderate the forums. If anyone else has any ideas on what they'd prefer we're always interested in hearing them.


an example of how NOT to moderate....

Does this software allow you to merge topics? If you merged it with the older (longer) topic the OP might be tempted to read through all the tedious, sorry... previous posts.
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an example of how NOT to moderate....

Unfortunately no it doesn't. We have asked PLusnet if this could be looked at by the developers as it would be a good tool.

an example of how NOT to moderate....

Ask PN to spend some of the customers hard earned on a licence for a copy of Invision Power board - that will merge! (Before any pro-vB or IPB-haters start shouting, I don't know if vB merges or not but it seems very likely that it would).