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advice needed


advice needed

hi, just checked my vmu tool today and its telling me i've now clocked up 99.98gb so far this month, with 6 full says still left till my usage is reset again!

Something very un-usual really, as my bit torrent client is set to stop downloading during peak times, and resume at off-peak times, so i really must be getting some good speeds at the moment, however i've also been using webcam more and more, and messing about uploading new stuff to the ccgi server after my ccgi space got "accidently" wiped.

with only 20mb left for another 6 days (which i could very easily clock up chatting to my mates on msn in one night) i'd say im stuck, either carry on surfing and get a warning and restricted, or pull the plug. If i get this warning this will be my second since plusnet first introduced the sup policy and back dated it to give me my first warning.
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advice needed

Not an easy one to solve really and 20mb will vanish tute sweet. In your position I would upgrade to up to 4MB at £29.99 since from what you are saying you seem to be a fairly high usage user and that would give you more usage to play with each month and good value for an extra £7.

Premier up to 4Mb
150GB usage (anytime)
45GB peak-time usage