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adsl usage question


adsl usage question

Since plusnet seem not to want to answer a request for the old adsl usage graphs to be made available again.

I have a question on how we are meant to interpret the new graphs.

The old system made it very easy to tell went the adsl platform was under load as it had just one graph

The new graph system, for those of you that haven’t seen it, splits the adsl usage into 3 account types;
Broadband Pay As You Go
Broadband Premier
Broadband Plus
(Business any one?)

now being a Premier account holder, logic would be that I ignore the other 2 graphs as they are different account types and have nothing to do with me, and by looking at last night (Tuesday) the usage did not peak an till 12-midnight

So would I have been able to max out my connection right up an till say 10pm when usage was still quite below peak?

My problem with this thinking is that at 9-10pm both PayG and Plus where at their peaks, while they use far less bandwidth than the premier accounts they still manage to use ~350mbit/s but if combined with premier it would make a fairly constant peak between ~9pm and 12pm

So to sum up my questions

1) Do we only need to take notice of our own account type graphs to plan out usage?
2) Will a global usage graph be put back into place?
& 3) if the answer to question 2) is no, why not?
Because form my point of view the splitting of the adsl usage just looks like a way of hiding the global usage, as the graph has been used against plusnet in the past to claim that plusnet where at capacity due to the unnaturally flat graph during peak hours

adsl usage question

Nice graphs, this clearly is the same as it was 5 years ago, in the UK. We used to do graphs like this for sales, and the best time to surf fast is still 4.a.m. Less usage means more bandwidth available to download BIG files Cheesy