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according to stats on traffice for 2 mb prem


according to stats on traffice for 2 mb prem

if they recon 5 gig allowence for plus account would = 30 hours per month for online game thas mean on average if u play more then 1 hours during these times from 8am to midnight your will just fit in there brackets unless u got 31 days then u will exceed this

now if this is true then also means for a heave user playing online games your only entiled to play 4 hours perday if in your peak time from 4pm until 12 midnight

further more whats not fair is theres no way of telling how much your using during peak times , i cant see not hearing abt the way u restictng customers bandwidth for 16 hours per day as customer satifaction and getting away with it personaly this method should have been placed from the start of a contract not 1/2 through 1 meaning u should have stated from a set date new account from blah blah with have this in place not just add in with no proof to customer of the peak usage they are using
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according to stats on traffice for 2 mb prem

No one says that your 5gb of usage would equate to 30 hours of online gaming. If you look at the figures published, which give a breakdown of what you could do with your 5gb it clearly states the following:

    Play 30 hours of online gaming per month (e.g.Counterstrike at 20MB per hour) - 600MB

VMBU is just there as a guideline, and there are plenty of third party products available on the internet that you can use to track your usage throughout the month, and would be much more instant than VMBU.