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Zyxel Modem


Zyxel Modem

I am having problem with this modem am now on second one and I haven't even been able to connect yet!!!! And have already paid for one month that i haven't used.

I get all through the insalation but no icon appers so I rang plusnet and they told me to do it manualy and it still don't work. So I put the modem on my friends laptop and it worked so we compaired the files and the network adaptor was missing so we loaded that manualy but it got a does not pass window xp logo test message. but loaded it anyway, we compaired this to the laptop and its missing the PPP & LAN Tabs which tell the computer where the modem is and where to connect to.

I have been on the plusnet contect us, and have had no help with ths at all.

So I got intouch with the makers of the modem and they told me that there has been meny problems with this modem. And asked if I want another one, this will be my third!

I also got intouch with the makers of my computer and they have given me a few things to try but I haven't done them yet and if that don't work I'm paying for something I'm not using!

Zyxel Modem

Hi there,

Welcome to the forums.

Sorry to hear that you have had problems.

There are issues currently with this particular modem. We have raised this issue with Plus Net in the UserGroup and have been informed that if you again ask for a replacement modem this will be done. You wont get another Zyxel.

Try again with the CSC and let us know how you get on.

Zyxel Modem

I already asked but they said this:

Assigned : The icon does not apper!

I have been intouch with the makers of the modem and that they have had faults with alot of the modems. I have also been intouch with HP and they say that you need the PPP and LAN Tabs on the PC so they have given me a few things to try.

Assigned : Why is the modem from Zyxel no longer on your current hardware? Please could I have the new one and i'll send back the Zyxel ones I have.

Customer Support Centre Actioned : Dear Mr Hollis,
The zyxel is still curent hardware, we are simply having supply issues at present. This is why we have reverted back to the modem previously supplied.


I have now asked for the Voyger one again lets hope that they will give me it.
I don't mind sending the others back I just what to have the internet working even if the modem is an older model

Zyxel Modem

Hi there,

Do indeed ask for a replacement. i am assured it will happen. Smiley