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Zoom connection problems


Zoom connection problems


Been having problems with Zoom X3 since September 2005 to the point I diagnosed a intermittant problem with the modem which has now been replaced.

I have now received a replacement Zoom modem which is now configured and working. However, I decided to do some experimentation (dangerous I know!). Once the unit has connected, if I switch it off/on it still reports via external light that it has an ADSL link, but internally reports it is not connected. If I then switch it back off/on it then reconnects.

1. i.e if the unit is switched off for any reason (or loses a connection) it needs to switched on / off twice before it reconnects – any thoughts on this one? Can it have anything to do with idle timeouts even though I have disabled them? (I think).

2. These problems seem to start occurring at the time of the idle timeouts, but I am sure this is purely coincidental!

3. Does anybody else that has a zoom X3 find they have a similar problem? Is it a function of the Zoom or the network?

4. Does anybody know what is the action to cause a modem to re-sync, normally? If a modem loses a connection what would normally cause it to reconnect?


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Zoom connection problems

I have a Zoom X5 and the Premier package I'm on doesn't have idle-timeouts, also I don't know whether the router has a family resemblance to the X3 in it's firmware/hardware, but when it loses connection/sync it retries, occasionally several times, until connection is reestablished. Unfortunately there are times when connection can be lost (possibly to DNS-- I don't know for sure) but sync is maintained and it seems to be unable to recover from that without manually rebooting.

I don't know whether your problem is related but I reckon we could both do with an automatic recovery method from our problems!