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Your broadband regrade is complete


Your broadband regrade is complete

PlusNet are pleased to confirm that your ADSL regrade to PlusNet Broadband
Home Premier 2Mb (Monthly Contract, No Modem) - Original - original is now

I dont understand, I have always been on "Home Premier 2Mb". :?

Has this got something to do with the "up to 8mbit" service, am I now on the "up to 2mbit" maybe? And if so, has my monthly charge been changed to £21/month too?

I wish you guys would just get straight to the point in your communications with customers, some people have a lot more important things to concentrate on in their lives without these cryptic messages to investigate.
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Your broadband regrade is complete

This wouldn't be to do with 20:1 -> 50:1 would it?
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Your broadband regrade is complete

That is an automated message and is usually associated with corresponding tickets on your account - go have a look Wink.

What were you paying for ADSL and what account did you think you were on? If you were paying 29.99 or 39.99 then the above change should mean you are now paying 21.99. What does your account summary show?

Did you get an email about moving from 20:1 -> 50:1 earlier in the month. If so, did you not request t stay on 20:1, if so it is this change that the email is referring to.