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Yesterday I had the pleasure of hearing Simon Woodroffe, the creator of the Yo! brand speaking at a breakfast meeting in the four season hotel, and it got me thinking. As as been stated on here many times it seems a lot of ISPs are beginning get heavy handed with customers, hiding behind policies and generally treating customers very poorly, plus net included. There is far too much conjecture and misinformation on companies sign up pages, misleading advertising and some customer service reps on the phones who either don't care, don't speak english properly are are just plain stupid.

Where is broadband going in the future?

Would it not make more sense to sign people up under the following protocols:

1. What is your estimated monthly useage? Select from scales in Gb, make it very clear that useage over these limits comes at a price. Provide tools to monitor this that are easy for the customer who is a bit non techy, and how about a 'running total' plugin on firefox?

2. Give customers information on how their broadband experience will work. If they sign up for a cheap and cheerfull surfing package, provide FACTUAL information of anticipated download speeds that they will receive.

3. Run line tests prior to someone signing up. Tell them what speed is available at their residence. Make sure the customer understands what is physically possible.

If the average user is subbing the costs of heavy users then make the make the heavy user pay for the service. I'm a heavy user, I don't expect the person using mere Gbs a month a fund my net addiction, and I'm damn sure they would appreciate paying a fair price for their service. It appears broadband is heading the same way as the uk roads, it is unsustainable to the business to carry so much traffic on the network at the prices charged. But unlike the roads we have no other option, we must use the avaible resources to do what we all want to do on the net. In essence, ISPs have users at their mercy.

Surely it is time for change. With regard to plusnet, you have modelled yourself as a forward thinking ISP with a difference. Throttling and policies worthy of a Chinese government? Yet to see it guys.