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Yes, I have been let down


Yes, I have been let down

After being a customer of F9 for some 7+ years, I've always thought they were a good ISP. I've never had any problems with connection, always managed to get through on the support line within a minute to talk to someone who was usually very helpful and knowledgeable.


Now, since all the "Customer Services" change, you can't even FIND a phone number on the website, when you finally do, you end up on hold for upwards of 30 minutes. I've had a ticket outstanding on my wife's account for nearly a week know with no response. I'm just about to move house and been told its 10+ days for broadband install.... well, I'd be able to put the order in if the "Help Tool" for moving house was working. The so called "Customer Services" are a joke, and, I'm not a regular visitor to these forums, but it appears the general view here is something similar to what I am expressing here.

I would really like to know why its going to take 10 days to switch on broadband at a new house, since other ISP's have said I can be on in 3. (BT Broadband, Virgin and Wannado) For the first time in over 7 years I am actually considering leaving F9 for another ISP. With me goes my 2 brothers, parents and several friends who also use F9 based on my recommendation.

I'd suggest, as soon as is humanly possible, you ditch this evidently flawed customer services approach and go back to the system that used to work, and work well. (I especially like the eternally holding phone line that says if you have no broadband you should look on the Customer Support pages online - HELLO! How exactly with no connection??). Your average ticket response also needs looking at.. 7 hours maybe needs to read 7 days.

Never before have I had some much dissatisfaction with F9. You recently sent an email out, saying that you'd "Let us down". You aren't kidding!

Re: Yes, I have been let down

I've had a ticket outstanding on my wife's account for nearly a week know with no response.

I can relate to your story. I would be more understanding if Force9 put 'most of their effort' into responding to their tickets rather than 'answering the phone' but it doesn't seem to me that this is happening. I continue to experience significant delay in new tickets being answered - for example, I posted a question last Thursday and I've still not seen a response (despite posting a chase note).

How can Force9 be serious about offering products for business use when it can't respond to questions within a reasonable timescale ?

Andy Keys.