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X-Fire/Battlefield 2142 log-in issues


X-Fire/Battlefield 2142 log-in issues

During peak-times I have been unable to log-in to X-fire (gaming application) and logging into my Battlefield 2142 account can also take an age.

Out of peak-times there seem to be no issues with either application.

Looking on X-fire's website I found a this thread: stating that they are aware of issues with both Tiscali and Pipex customers experiencing the same log-in issues and that it is due to Tiscali's bandwidth shaping affecting/blocking the ports used by the program.

Unfortunately I'm on the Tiscali run LLU (even though I was told by PN that I was moved back to the BT service after a previous problem... don't get me started on that...) and so looks as if I'm being affected also.

Can someone from PN please check into this issue and confirm that is the case and, if so, what is going to be done about it. I don't like being dictated to as to what applications I can use at any time. As long as I don't go over my monthly allowances there shouldn't be any problem or restrictions...right?

Also could someone confirm that this issue would also be affecting the log-in to Battlefield 2142 (some of the Tiscali customers are also reporting problems with logging into the 'Steam' service which is similar).

Even though I am having my line provided via Tiscali I shouldn't be affected by the retsrictions they place on their own customers, but should only have to comply with Plusnet's...

Thannks in advance for the help...