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Wot No Customer Service?


Wot No Customer Service?

About 2 weeks ago I had a line issue which F9 eventually passed to BT and they must have fixed - all in all 4 whole days without a service.

I had one week of fault free service and then on Monday it's gone again - and it's still down.

Used the stupid wizard again (how the hell can the main tool for reporting connection faults be online for christ sake) and raised the call - not even a bot response for over 48 hours - even if they escalate to BT now I'll be lucky to have a service by the weekend.

Decided to raise another ticket direct to customer service - stating that as their service is non-existent I'm going to have to cancel and look elsewhere - response didn't contain any hint of giving a toss - just instructed me how to fulfiil the cancellation. Surely customer service should have at least tried to reassure me someone might get round to looking at it, or that this level of service was unusual. Customer retention not an issue with this lot then.

My god - what a shower.

Anyone suggest any good alternatives. Looks like I'm going to be ringing their rip off phone line tonight to get away from them and try and work out how I'm going to migrate elsewhere.

I'll be spending a lot of energy spreading the hopelessnes of F9 from now on...

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Wot No Customer Service?

we can all give advice on different providers, but it really comes down to personal choice, and what you want to use the internet for

if you are really looking for somewhere else try checking out the following site



ps just for reference I'm no longer with F9 and have moved to onetel, which so far has performed well for me

Wot No Customer Service?

Hi mike, have you seen any changes since CPW took over Onetel?

Wot No Customer Service?

All I can say is "me too "- I'm going to move to another supllier.
Recently they seems to be going down the toilet.