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Working great. cheers plusnet.


Working great. cheers plusnet.

seen as u only ever read about people ranting how there connection doesnt work words deleted(which represents probably only a few percent of users)... i thought i would just write a quick msg on the forum to say how helpful the support was and despite the fact i had firmware issues with my sol130, which i needed to be updated to gain connectivity, the service has been excellent.

thanks guyz.


Moderators note (John) I have deleted some words from this message as they were destined to provoke arguments.

Working great. cheers plusnet.


Its good to know were appreciated. As a company we do endevour to provide the best service possible. Here in support we do our utmost to make sure all our customers have a trouble free connection.

As with any ISP, not everything is in our control, especially with broadband as part of the installation is done with BT. This means we can not please everyone all the time, however were things do go wrong. At support we do our best to get the problem sorted as quickly as possible.

Overall, I can honestly say we are customer focused and everyday we work hard behind the scenes keeping the services maintained which many take for granted. Nice feedback like this makes the job worth while.
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Working great. cheers plusnet.

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