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Word of warning


Word of warning

For those who have been throttled on the peak time management (PTM), and are considering moving to another ISP.

If you ask for your MAC key at the same time as asking to be removed from PTM then you may end up being left on PTM until you leave.

This wasn't notified in the email sent to the relevant customers, and as far as I know, still hasn't been mentioned by anyone else.

So, if you order your MAC key but aren't fully decided about leaving, make sure you are taken off PTM befor easking for your key

We are pleased to be able to inform you that a member of our Customer Support
Centre has now returned ticket number [ 17559436 ] to yourself.

The following comment was added to the ticket
Dear Mr Jones,
Please see my collegues comments, I am sorry this was not made clear from the start but we cannot remove you form this probfile as you have requested your MAC code to move to another ISP.

Word of warning


Thanks for posting it!
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Word of warning

Whilst I think that it isn't very professional behaviour on behalf of plusnet, didn't you already hav a thread on this?
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Word of warning

There is another thread running on this subject. Please add your comments there...

This one, I am locking.