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Without ADSL all mornin

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Registered: 24-08-2007

Without ADSL all mornin

I was unable to connect to my adsl account all morning today.
i first thought it was my computer and network settings, router.

Having tried nearly everything, changing routers, nework settings, i finally managed to connect by settings i tried 5/6 times already!

The worst thing was when i called PN service status number the message said that their was no major service problems, But by looking at the boards it very much seems many people were without ADSL today.

COME ON PN please, please sort out this mess!

Without ADSL all mornin

Same here. LCP up and down continuously here.

The service is disgraceful.

Without ADSL all mornin

Strange I had no problems today and I was on the net most of the morning.:?


Same here. Tried 6 times to sign on. Rebooting did help but the 'service' went down time & time again today.

Is it Saturday 'busy busy?
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Registered: 04-08-2007

Without ADSL all mornin

I lost my connection half way through half time when I was listening to the match commentary.

I was pretty cheesed off as I had just paid £40 annual subscription to my teams site so that I dould get live commentary and was looking forward to the second half as we were three nil up .

It took over two hours for it to come back up without and in that time it hadn't lost sync.

I rang the status line which was saying no problems I managed to go down to my business and get on dial up to check out the service status and again it reported no problems but when I looked here on the forum it was obvious that something was going on.

What frustrates me most is Plus Net's apparent lack of response to issues and their communication with their members.