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Wish to move domain


Wish to move domain

I wish to move my domain back to its orignally hoster, but i can't find anywhere to change the dns records to point to there servers.

do i have to raise a contact ticket for this or is there an easier way

i know what there dns records are and ips tag


Wish to move domain

Is F9 in full control of your domain or is your tagholder someone different (i.e. 123)? I have found in the past that just altering the nameserver details in the tag holder's control panel will move the domain very effectively without having to contact F9 about it. That said, all the settings and stuff are still the same within the F9 domains tool until such times as I could be bothered to notify them!

Don't forget though (not wanting to teach you to suck eggs Wink ) that your email may well be affected whilst the DNS propagates for up to 48 hours!!



Wish to move domain

hi mark,

my domain is done through freeola, but i thought I would change the dns entries to point to F9 which was done a while back, but with everything going on with F9 at moment, and not sure if i'll ever leave i want to put the dns entries back to freeola for hosting.

When check the domain it reports the following

Registrant's Agent:
Freeola Limited [Tag = FREEOLA]

Relevant Dates:
Registered on: 10-Nov-2001
Renewal Date: 10-Nov-2007
Last updated: 01-Aug-2005

Registration Status:
Registered until renewal date.

Name servers listed in order:

i thought it would just be a case of changing the dns servers again to point back to freeola for hosting, but can't see the options to change the servers.


ps aware of the email situation but can live with it for 48hrs

Wish to move domain

Hi mike,

Only freeola (or you through them) can change the name servers - force9 has no rights over that domain (due to the tag), so cannot change them.

If it helps at all to explain a bit (and I'm sorry for telling you anything you may already know!!), the DNS records are used to provide rules for the name servers that have been allocated for that domain. So, if you are wanting Freeola's name servers to provide the DNS, then it cannot be done by changing DNS records - that make sense? :?

However if you just wanted to use force9's name servers, and point say the www subdomain at freeola's web hosting servers, but leave everything else like email with F9, then that could be done by adding a DNS record without changing the name servers.

hope that helps ! Smiley