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Wireless Network


Wireless Network


I have recently bought a router - DLink DSL-G624T.

I have never used routers before and never used wireless networks either.

Anyway, I have successfully enabled the wireless network (secured) and been able to connect my wife's laptop using the wep encryption key. The problem now is that although she is connected to the network she can't seem to browse the web (which was one of the main reasons for getting the laptop connected!)

Looking at the connection this is connected at 54Mbs with an excellent signal strength.

Is there anything I need to set up on the router to allow her web access?

I have looked at the filters which I have set up all ip's full access both in and outbound. These filters have both been enabled.

Do I need to use a specific channel (currently set to 6)
I am usng WEP Security with Authentication type set to 'Both'

Any help greatly appreciated.


Wireless Network

Have you set the router ip (usually in the trusted zone of your laptop firewall?

That's the only thing I can think of.


Wireless Network

The laptop has no firewall set up on it. Since this is primarily used on a work network, it uses the firewall on the office router.

Besides, I am able to browse and administer the router from the laptop once it is connected.
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Wireless Network

Check your Internet Options and make sure that the connectivity is set to use LAN and auto detect.

Wireless Network

What settings are you using for DNS on the laptop?

I'm using a DLink G604T and this router has a known issue with auto DNS.
I have manually set the DNS on the router, 1 to and 2 to BT DNS) as I have a xbox setup to use the router as a DNS relay.

The laptops here have the same DNS's set manually on them to bypass the routers DNS relay.

I hope that is of some help,