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Will this reduce SPAM?


Will this reduce SPAM?

Like a lot of other customers, I have been plagued by SPAM over the last week. All my spam is being sent to my default address - I have never given this address to any person or organisation. Like most other users, I have always used a different email address for each registration so that I can track who has passed on my details to other organisations - so far only one has been passed on (or stolen), in the five years that I have been with PlusNet.

I do not know whether this has been suggested by others, because there are too many messages in the forum on this topic to wade through.
To minimise the problem, I have changed Outlook (2002) to "Download item description only" for my catch all account. I can then check the subject line and email address to which the message has been sent. Those messages that appear to be SPAM can be marked for deletion, even if they have not been identified as SPAM by PlusNet. Messages that are not SPAM, or appear not to be SPAM, I mark for download. This sort of works, but it is inconvenient, and I may accidentally delete an important message. In addition, I do not know for how long I will need to do this before the spammers leave me alone, if ever.

There appears to be an alternative solution, but I would like other peoples thoughts on this.
1. Setup a new email address, such as

2. In Manage My Mail change the catch all address from to

3. Redirect all email sent to to blackhole.

Of course, this will only work until the spammers find That is the time to make a new catch all address.

Will this work, or is it a stupid idea?
Will I simply Blackhole all of my messages?
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Will this reduce SPAM?

i think, in your case, that might work