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Will it affect my contract


Will it affect my contract

I am contracted with Plusnet until April 2006, and I intend to either switch ISP (I need to cut costs across the board, so am looking at a bulldog bundle) or at the very least move onto a monthly contract (if I can do this?)

But, I am finding a need for decent FTP speeds, occassional P2P and also at least one fixed IP address, so I am considering switching up to Premier (or payg, depending how the costs weigh up) for the remainder of my time here.

What I was wondering is, will changing packages result in me being tied in for a further 12 months? And will I be charged for doing so?



hi, you can opt to have a monthly contract when your yearly contract runs out.
it would be best to upgrade then.

Will it affect my contract

@ dabadoo

Cheers, I thought it might be like that. The problem is that I don't intend to remain with plusnet after the end of my contract, as I can get a good deal with a Bulldog package on my LLU exchange.

I will just put my intended network mods on hold 'till May.
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Will it affect my contract


I do belive you can switch products within your annual contract without having to take out a new contract...

Will it affect my contract

Thanks Dan Cheesy

I will raise a support ticket, just to be sure, unless one of the Comms team reply to this thread,