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Will I get 8mb immediately my exchange is upgraded?


Will I get 8mb immediately my exchange is upgraded?

The exchange status page indicates my exchange is due for upgrade this month (Aug05) .... if this upgrade does actually happen, will I get the 8mb service immediately? or am I going to have to wait for 6 months or so for testing with trialists to be completed.

If BT invite people for a trial on my exchange, will I get a priority invitation consideriing I'm already paying for the 8Mb service?

Is there actually any f9 or plusnet customers who have an 8Mb service yet anywhere in the country?

Will I get 8mb immediately my exchange is upgraded?

Personally from all the comments I have seen previously in this forum and the +Net newsgroup, it would seem you are wasting your money at the moment. If you had downgraded your account 3- 4 months ago when the changes came in you would have been saving yourself a wedge of money every month which would have more than paid for the upgrade fee when 8mb becomes available.

From what I have seen in these groups, there is currently no such thing as 8mb available to the general public (unless you use the cable companies) as it is still in trial. I think I read somewhere that the trial is due to finish late September/ October time before it is rolled out.

You say your exchange is due to be upgraded in August. I have seen threads where the upgrade should have been in April and still haven't been done.

In all, it could be a long wait for you whilst paying a premium for a "fast upgrade" which may be months off yet. All the advice I have seen so far is downgrade and save your money.



Dishonesty about 4/8MB service!! Ivan

Hello glasstower,

Sadly!! everything "Mark" has said is true,
frankly I find it very dishonest that PlusNet & F9 advertise a 4/8MB service when it just doesnt exsist yet. The situation right now as I write this posting is BT trials are NOT completed and if they are successful (and thats "IF" successful, and of course nobody mentions what might happen if they are a dismal failure?) then a 4MB followed by an 8MB service will eventually be rolled out to domestic BB users across UK exchanges.

**NOTE: BT are extremely slow at doing anything and so my estimate/guestimate is that most users WONT see a 4/8MB service before about April or May 2006.

**Yes! I strongly suggst that you stop your current product and down grade or regrade to the 2MB premier service which is very good right now. Save yourself alot of money on monthly fee's.

**Currently you wont get ANY priority over other users for an 4/8MB service even if and when it becomes available. Thats also utter hot air. As Isaid before its utterly dishonest to say 4/8MB IS available now.

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