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Wildcard blackholing

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Wildcard blackholing

I am now getting lots of emails where the last 8 characters before the @ sign are the same but any characters before that seem more random.

Is is possible to blackhole these something like * where * is a wildcard?


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Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Wildcard blackholing

Unfortunately not, we can only blackhole specific addresses or everything (i.e. the catch all address), we can't do a wildcard blackhole.

Wildcard blackholing

As a followup to the wildcarding question - which I understand isn't possible - can the restriction on minimum mailbox length be lifted, please?

I'm now passing my email through GoogleMail, which has done a pretty good job of weeding out the majority of spam sent to my principle domain - I had to move my domain to my hosting service, which went very smoothly, by the way (thanks, Bob [Pullen] for your help on that - but I'm still getting a fair amount of junk sent to a, b, c, d, e, or f @

The redirect to blackhole mechanism won't let me create an entry with less than two letters in the mailbox name. I realise this might contravene some internet RFC, but that would be kind of helpful in further reducing my spam intake!