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Why not have an e-mail 'blackhole' & 'learning' anti-spa


Why not have an e-mail 'blackhole' & 'learning' anti-spa

:idea: I think it would be really good if we had an e-mail 'blackhole' to which we can redirect a mailbox when it suffers from innundations of spam. Cool

:idea: Also it would be helpful if the anti-spam service could learn by us telling it what is and is not spam. Cool

What? Force9 already have these services! Wink
Well then, I change my idea!
:idea: What about documenting these settings in the Spam Filtering - Help page, or even the My Account - Email Settings page. Cheesy

For those who don't know what these settings are, here they are, gathered in one place:
Blackhole - E-mail will simply vanish here never to return.
The blackhole address to re-direct Spam is:

Spam Learning
When an item you receive is not marked as spam, but actually is spam-
Forward it to thisisspam@DOMAIN.

When an item you receive is marked as spam but is actually not spam-
Forward it to thisisnotspam@DOMAIN.

Note: DOMAIN is the domain (the bit after the '@') you usually receive the e-mail to, e.g., DOMAIN = or, DOMAIN =

Why not have an e-mail 'blackhole' & 'learning' anti-spa

It actually sounds good. Still waiting for F9 to reward us long-termers with it for free though cos knowing my luck the day after I pay for it they will give it to us!

Why not have an e-mail 'blackhole' & 'learning' anti-spa

I am under the impression, that by the end of the year, all accounts will have AV/Spam for Free, but it will be a phased roll-out.