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Why is it that.......


Why is it that.......

I think F9/ +Net must hate to see good customer service. Why do I say that you ask? Well, I have just seen in the +Net newsgroup that Bob has had a job change (well done Bob if it is a promotion). It seems that the more helpful you are to the punters, the quicker they want to move you on to something else a little less front line, this also happened with Luke and Ian. Luckily we still have Dave to give us the benefit of his experience. Let's hope the new boy (or girl) is just as quick to help as the others have been.

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Community Gaffer
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Why is it that.......

Hi Mark,

It is indeed true that I have changed roles within the company (And yes it is a promotion Wink).

Having said that, you certainly haven't seen the last of me. Although my responsibilities are now geared towards other areas of the business, I will still be working closely with Ben and Dave and will frequent the forums whenever I get the time to. My position is likely to be filled but until then Dave and Ben will be covering the Comms role between them.

I enjoy being part of the community and do not intend for that to change.

Kind Regards,

Bob Pullen
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